Getting to know me, getting to know all about me!

Full name-Melissa Ann Harlow Napier

  1. Zodiac Sign-Taurus
  2. 3 fears-being alone, the dark, and robbers
  3. 3 things I love-my kids, reading, and music
  4. my best friend-my current best friend is my dog. I never see or talk to anyone now that we are grown up.
  5. Last song I listened to-A girl like you by Easton Corbin
  6. 4 turn ons-flirting with me, kissing, neck kisses, and cuddling
  7. turn offs-being ignored, players, jerks, arrogance (cockiness)
  8. Tattoos-None. However, there are a few I would like to have.
  9. how I feel right now-sad/depressed/sleepy
  10. Something I really, really want.-money. lots of money
  11. 3 things that upset me-someone messing with my kids, being brought into someone elses drama,  a chick trying to compete with me or trying to make me jealous of her.
  12. 3 things that make me happy.-my kids, shopping, and having money to pay my bills
  13. what I find attractive in other people-kindness, sincerity, their passion for something they love, their smile and their ability to make others smile.
  14.  a confession-I was the second gunman on the grassy knoll-LOL just kidding! Moving on after a divorce is not easy and it took me a long time to not wish and pray for bad things for him and his new girl.
  15. 3 things that annoy me easily.-Rudeness, bothering me when I want to be left alone, slurring noise from an empty cup through a straw or someone slurrping a bowl of soup.
  16. my pets-Giz (a shitzu- poodle mix) & CoCo ( an Austrailian sheep herder) they don’t get along
  17. Something that is currently worrying me.-Money
  18.  An embarrassing moment.-I’ve had many. Falling down the hill during my great grandma’s funeral and dress flying over my head, my dress being tucked into my panties while I was standing at a gas station marketing, and telling a boy that I liked him but he didn’t like me back.
  19. Something is constantly on my mind.-God, my kids, music and money
  20. My future goals.-Finding a good job, saving money, helping my boys with their future.
  21. Something I fantasize about.-being rich and having a man.
  22. My idea of the perfect date.-There is really no such thing as the perfect date but I like dancing, movies and food or staying home, ordering food, and watching movies.
  23. My Celebrity crushes.-Adam Sandler, David Beckham, Prince Harry, Scott Eastwood, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jesse Williams, Will Smith, Jamie Dornan, Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Joshua Jackson
  24. My favorite Holiday-Christmas
  25. Where I work.-other than at home being a mom, I’m currently unemployed

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